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I Can't Believe it's Not News: A Podcast about Fake News

Discussing fake news one article at a time.  Thoughts and opinions on how to respond to fake news.  Combating the changes to our society based on disinformation and propaganda.  Spread Jam.  Not lies.

Mar 3, 2018

In part one of our two-part episode, Beth and Kelly talk about guns and the myths that surround them. February 14th, 2018 America experienced another mass shooting in a school - but this time the reaction has been different. We've watched as survivors have stepped into the role of policy changers - and we're here for all of that! Are bots creating fake stories about these kids? You bet! Are the usual suspects (The Federalist, Gateway Pundit, Hannity, etc) regurgitating misinformation instead of doing real investigative work? Do you even have to ask? 

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