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I Can't Believe it's Not News: A Podcast about Fake News

Discussing fake news one article at a time.  Thoughts and opinions on how to respond to fake news.  Combating the changes to our society based on disinformation and propaganda.  Spread Jam.  Not lies.

Nov 11, 2017

In this episode Beth and Elizabeth review the latest revelations about the Guccifer 2.0 email hack, and how there is a bit of fake news involved.  They also review the Word of the Year from the Collins dictionary, and a Pew study about whether or not the misinformation will improve or not in the next 10 years (aka: are we f*cked?).

A new segment is introduced "Round A Beth"  Take a listen to find out who likes that name, and who doesn't.  

They end with some actual fun fake news - owl orgasms.

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​And don't forget - Spread jam, not lies.